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Naboje atramentowe Cresco

Ink cartridges CRESCO

CRESCO brand ink cartridges are equipped with the highest quality inks in blue or black.

By providing the highest standard of writing can suggest some formulas:

  • Standard ink color royal blue (blue) and black
  • quick-drying ink is recommended for people who write with your left hand
  • formula for improving the quality of writing ball pen ink cartridges supplied with standard
  • ink fragrance in eight different scents.

  • All CRESCO brand ink cartridges can be used with traditional fountain pens.

    Used blue ink it is possible to remove zmazywaczami CRESCOitp brand.

    Standard packaging is a bag of 100p. or a box of 6p. cartridges and packaging, such as heart, ufo, feather or glass jar.


    Ink cartridges BLUE or BLACK 100pcs. Ink cartridges BLUE or BLACK 6pcs. Ink cartridges for left handers 6pcs.
    Ink cartridges Uniwersalne BLUE 5pcs. Ink cartridges Magnum BLUE or BLACK 5pcs. Ink cartridges for rollerball pens 6pcs.
    Ink cartridges HEART 50pcs. Ink cartridges UFO 50pcs. Naboje niebieskie SŁOICZEK 30szt.

    Catalog number:

    nr/no. 080019
    Ink cartridges BLACK - 100pcs.
    nr/no. 080020
    Ink cartridges BLUE - 100pcs.
    nr/no. 080021
    Ink cartridges BLUE - 6pcs.
    nr/no. 080022
    Ink cartridges BLACK - 6pcs.
    nr/no. 080036
    Ink cartridges BLACK MAGNUM - 5pcs.
    nr/no. 080037
    Ink cartridges BLUE MAGNUM - 5pcs.
    nr/no. 080062
    Ink cartridges BLUE UNIWERSAL - 5pcs.
    nr/no. 080060
    Ink cartridges BLUE for left handers - 6pcs.
    nr/no. 080047
    Ink cartridges BLUE - 50pcs. (heart)
    nr/no. 080048
    Ink cartridges BLUE - 50pcs. (ufo)
    nr/no. 080064
    Ink cartridges BLUE for rollerball pen - 6pcs.

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